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Emily Gertz

I cover the environment, science, and technology.



Meet 3 leaders who might just save the world

It can be easy to feel hopeless when it comes to the global climate. These people are making a difference.

Has the Reintroduction of Wolves Really Saved Yellowstone?

Wolves have helped restore the park, but that's not the full story. Let the fighting commence.
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Elizabeth Kolbert on the Vanishing of Species

The New Yorker writer & author of "The Sixth Extinction" talks about losing and saving species.
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In Sandy’s Aftermath, Some Residents Opt Out of Coastal Living

A year after Superstorm Sandy, some NYC residents are letting nature take back their neighborhoods.
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Will Floods Cost Coastal Cities $1 Trillion a Year by 2050?

Coastal cities must adapt to sinking land, rising seas, and expanding populations.
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Global Warming Deniers: ExxonMobil, The Koch Brothers and More | Politics News | Rolling Stone

Meet the polluters, politicians and propagandists who've vowed to stop action on climate change.
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Tackling a Hidden Threat to Marine Mammals

Toxic chemical pollution in the seas is accumulating in the bodies of seals.

UN Seeks Help In Poverty Fight From Social Media Gurus

Can Twitter, Facebook help UN to lift millions around the world out of poverty?
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A DIY Sub For Underwater Exploration

OpenROV--a shoebox-sized, open source, underwater robot, may democratize marine exploration.
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Build Your Own Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Detector

With this simple project, which takes about $40 and one hour, you could build your own EMI detector and start saving money on your electric bills.
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Curves Ahead: A Twisting Tower Could Advance Vancouver's Green Goals

Flanked on three sides by the Pacific Ocean and backed by a snowy mountain range, the Canadian city of Vancouver offers epic views of nature. City officials have become famous for carefully positioning tall, slim, glass-clad skyscrapers in the bases of mid-rise buildings to capitalize on these views while advancing human-scale yet high-density neighborhoods.
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The Style Setters

Two enterprising women have founded an online global marketplace that helps designers source and purchase eco-friendly materials:
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Emily Gertz

Emily Gertz is a journalist and editor covering environment, science, and technology--from urban resilience to flame retardants in harbor seals, innovative "green" skyscrapers to toxic sex toys, climate change politics to lab-grown meat, and quite a few things in between.

Her work has appeared (online and in print) in Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Rolling Stone, Ensia, Scientific American, Grist, OnEarth, Whole Living, Dwell, Talking Points Memo, Worldchanging, and more.

Emily's book credits include:
Co-author, "Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino," (O'Reilly/Maker Media 2012);
Co-author, "Environmental Monitoring with Arduino" (O'Reilly/Maker Media 2012);
Contributor, "The Science Writers' Handbook" (2013 Da Capo);
Contributor, "Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century" (2010 Abrams).

Online since 1989, Emily cut her journalist's teeth as an environmental news producer during the salad days of digital news for, the web site of The Oregonian newspaper.

Emily is a current board member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, and organizes the SEJ-NYC Meetup on



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